TIEN CHEN SHIATSU is an ancient form of healing consisting of massage, gentle manipulation, chiropractics and accupressure through the cient's clothing.  It is an ancient Chinese therapy and works by unblocking the meridian lines and so allowing the flow of Chi (energy) to go though the body. Wonderful for achieving deep relaxation.

Meridian lines are defined as channels of magnetic energy in the body. Some are associated with the functioning of internal organs and some with the mind.

By applying pressure to certain points along meridians, Tien Chen is used to maintain health, correct internal malfunctioning, balance the mind with the body and allow healing to take place.

Physically, the treatment stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow, helps release toxins and tension as well as working on the autonomic nervous system.

Tien Chen plays an important role in preventative healthcare and is complimentary to orthodox medicine. It is also effective in alleviating stiffness, headaches and migraines, insomnia, menstrual problems and PMT, lymphatic blockage, tension, stress, depression, anxiety as well as many other complaints.

Price List

Treatment (45 mins) £25.00